Reuse, Recycle, Resourceful

Are some of the key elements held at Smug Relish and by the Smug family. This can be seen from walking in the door, that urban rustic feel you receive from the hand-made repurposed timber furniture, to the permaculture herbs and vegetable grown out the back.

But Smug specialty comes forward through its innovative food, speciality coffee and enormous share space, whether it’s for music, photography, painting or promoting general artists. Too sourcing local, organic and free range ingredients wherever possible.

Innovation, Community and Resourcefulness

“Pulling people together with new ideas and super foods while trying to be SMUG about it!”.

Smug’s Vison

Smug Relish is not just a great place to come for a bite to eat, although lets be honest if you’ve been here you know it is. Our vison is to feed and educate our patrons in a safe and open environment, a space where we lead by example.

Answering questions like “where does my food come from?” & “what can be done with the leftovers or unuseable?”.

We walk through life with preconcived notions of what is and what isn’t, well here at Smug our vision is to make you take a second look at what it is you choose to say can be.




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Address: 510 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057

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510-512 Lygon Street,
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